Admin Abuse Template

Please use this template when reporting an admin:

Admin who abused:
In which server (and map if possible)
Your in-game name
Your steamid:
Admins steamid:
Evidence of any (demo/snapshot)
Description of what happened (include time and timezone if possible):

If you are planning on reporting an admin for abuse, make sure you have concrete evidence (demo/snapshot) to back it up.
If you're providing HLTV demo as proof, put time-stamps of the incident(s) in the demo or we will not watch it.

Only the author of the thread, the admin(s) involve , the staff in charge and the server manager should reply on abuse report.
​If you are not the author of the thread for an abuse report, you may not post in that thread unless you get permission by a staff or above (SM) to do so and with good reason OR if you are going to provide concrete evidence to support or defend either side, not just write your opinion.