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    ZP VIP Price / Informations

    Zombie Plague VIP: $10 USD [One month]


    • Access to VIP Menu (you can open it once per round):
      • AKM 12 - [FREE]
      • Ethereal - [DISCOUNT] [40 Points]
      • Rock Guitar - [DISCOUNT] [20 Points]
      • G3SG1 - [FREE]
      • GS552 - [FREE]
      • AWP - [FREE]
      • M249 - [FREE]
      • LaserMine - [FREE]
      • 2 Extra SandBags - [FREE]
      • Unlimited Clip - [FREE]

    • Get 2x more HP than normal players for each kill / human infected.
    • Spawn with 800 more HP than normal players (e.g. while normal player using vampire zombie spawn with 1800 HP, VIP spawn with 2600 HP, it apply for all zombie classes).
    • Get 5 ammo packs for each death as zombie, while normal players get nothing.
    • Get more ammo packs for infect and kills.
    • Get more frags for infect and kills.
    • Can plant SandBags in some modes.
    • Can plant 4 SandBags max. Buy the normal one first, then buy it from the VIP menu.
    • No Fall Damage.

    Note: Admin is not included VIP and Admin are bought separate. All Donations need minimum 24 Hours to be accepted by Management Team. Please do have patience.
    No refunds, dispute, this is your final and last decision to purchase admin. Any Package you purchase will be given right away once we confirm the payment & your agreement to the donor regulations.
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