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    Ditto to what everyone else said so far. I'd also propose we not harangue players under review until a decision is rendered. Innocent until proven guilty and what not, and yes, I'm guilty of this on occasion as well. If he behaves, and really isn't hacking, then we should welcome him as an active player on the D2 server.

    Let's do eet : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by shado View Post
    I probably started playing at Lgk D2 server off and on since early last year. Started focusing more on playing here last summer and applied for membership. The reason I became member was the regulars I played with at LgK D2. We talk shit to each other all the day but at the end of the day, it was just friendly banter and we became good friends. I'm staff now, @ferr is SM and a bunch of the regulars are admins now. We build a great bond to help the LgK community.

    What I see now in D2 is shit talking but with toxicity. Too many people trying to be dicks and one up each other with their petty shit, not the LgK D2 I love to be part of. I hope the admins know when to check the shit talking, from banter compared to just being real assholes to each other. But, how do we do that to start with? Let's be respectful to each other, you treat someone a certain way they will reciprocate the action. So for me I want to see this from both sides both admins and players no matter who you are. Treat each other with respect. With no players in the server there will be no admins. With no admins hackers are everywhere. We work together to help build a server, a community.

    Admins - @magik_mo has been under scrutiny for about 3-4 weeks now. We had his ban check open for that time period. Half the admins here thinks he's cheating and the other half doesn't. Ultimately he was unbanned. So seeing from his point of view, this uncertainty of our decision is weighing on his mind. Of course with half of the admins believing he hacks, it's a constant pressure to deal with us while he stays playing in our server. So let's put that into consideration. To him admins of LgK do not trust him, which is fair, I would feel the same too if I were in his position.

    Magik_mo- We are doing our job making sure that our server is clean of hackers. All of our admins here to to help us, not to come after you in anyway. You are unbanned from our server and let's get a new start going.

    Be easy, respect either other from both sides. At the end of the day, this is a game.

    I am accepting @magik_mo membership. Fresh start.

    Thank you, guys. With Shado's decision Im moving and closing this case.
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